10 July 2021


Face to face with Don Marco Pozza and Luigi Forte An evening of emotions, culture and knowledge focused on the world that belongs to us. A dialogue between two friends sharing their deepest feelings. Presentation of the book "Dei vizi e delle virtù. Papa Francesco in dialogo con don Marco Pozza"...

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5 July 2021

a special project

This is Giuseppe Pagano of "La Dispensa di San Salvatore". We met him at the farm to plan the deliveries of High-Grade Dehydrated Alfalfa for the buffaloes and we gave him a special book. He shared his personal story with me, which enriched and inspired us. He told me about the land, HIS land, why...

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14 June 2021

The health for the animal and for people

From North to South, the family connection in the Agro-livestock sector is something extraordinary! The whole Versino family runs the farm in Giaveno, Piedmont Region. The daughters are involved in milking and in the dairy, with short chain processing of milk into cheese and ice cream. The...

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30 May 2021

A precious world

This is Francesco Pizzadilli, a farmer from Sardinia Region. With this sun, this land and this wonderful air, he tells of his world. A precious world. A primary world.

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27 May 2021

Alfalfa therapeutic properties

On ZOOPET MAGAZINE we talk about the values of Alfalfa and awareness in the supply chain. Thanks to Europa Mangimi Feed Mill for hosting us on their pages! Proud of our partnership, to improve together animal welfare and human health!  

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21 May 2021

Buffalo in a natural Jacuzzi!

Buffalo in a natural Jacuzzi! An exclusive bath with sulphurous water, for shiny, white skin and total rest. These are the realities we look for every day. Empathy, trust, projects. We are businessmen in the agri-business chain, from North to South, always with the same purpose: well-being, health,...

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18 May 2021

Every job has its dignity.

Every job has its dignity. Every job. We would like to keep in mind even today, thanks to this story. This is a company of shepherds of sheep for 4 generations from Calabria Region. They have included High-Grade Dehydrated Alfalfa in the animal's ration and have immediately had positive results at...

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14 May 2021

Telling, showing and promoting a GOOD WORLD.

On this occasion, we were hosted by "Renato Leonardi Farm" and the main topic of the day was: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. It was a moment surrounded by nature, by food which nourishes and by the enthusiasm of those whose values are simple and essential. It was a special opportunity to present all the...

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6 May 2021


A unique project with A&A Alpaca and Trinity House School of Languages to promote our territory and the collaboration between supply chains. Magic moments that start from the union between Earth, Animal and People. Thank you to everyone who joined the event!

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5 May 2021

On-air from beautiful Sardinia Region

On-air from beautiful Sardinia Region with Emanuele Corrias. We enjoy sharing the benefits of High-Grade Dehydrated Alfalfa. Taking care of our animals means improving human wellbeing and health. Day after day. Thanks to OpenFarm srl for the story. Together we build relationships, and share them in...

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