18 May 2021

Every job has its dignity.

Every job has its dignity. Every job. We would like to keep in mind even today, thanks to this story. This is a company of shepherds of sheep for 4 generations from Calabria Region. They have included High-Grade Dehydrated Alfalfa in the animal's ration and have immediately had positive results at...

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14 May 2021

Telling, showing and promoting a GOOD WORLD.

On this occasion, we were hosted by "Renato Leonardi Farm" and the main topic of the day was: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. It was a moment surrounded by nature, by food which nourishes and by the enthusiasm of those whose values are simple and essential. It was a special opportunity to present all the...

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6 May 2021


A unique project with A&A Alpaca and Trinity House School of Languages to promote our territory and the collaboration between supply chains. Magic moments that start from the union between Earth, Animal and People. Thank you to everyone who joined the event!

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5 May 2021

On-air from beautiful Sardinia Region

On-air from beautiful Sardinia Region with Emanuele Corrias. We enjoy sharing the benefits of High-Grade Dehydrated Alfalfa. Taking care of our animals means improving human wellbeing and health. Day after day. Thanks to OpenFarm srl for the story. Together we build relationships, and share them in...

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30 April 2021

Longevity, fertility and well-being.

Longevity, fertility and well-being. The cows' feed has a special ingredient: High-Grade Dehydrated Alfalfa. Beta Carotene is a precursor of natural vitamin A: it improves fertility, enhances the lives of cows and all animals. We want to work with common goals to develop the natural nutritional...

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26 April 2021

We work together to contribute to animal welfare

Buffalo Mozzarella cheese D.O.P. from Fattorie Garofalo company - Campania Region With attorney Raffaele Garofalo we discussed, with a great human value, to be witnesses in the supply chain made of people, farmers and breeders to spread an important message: food is health for animals, for people...

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22 April 2021

The Earth, a world heritage for humanity

The Earth, a world heritage for humanity. We have chosen to give voice to the great value of Made in Italy, our territory. With Francesco, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees that live on this seemingly arid land. Italy surrounded by sea and wind, with a climate and microclimate that makes us...

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6 April 2021

What do your animals eat?

A simple declaration and a question to start with. We are what we eat. What do your animals eat? Open Farm srl & Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano as part of a supply chain to create and share the value "from forage to cheese". From the north to the south of the Po Delta area, we travel along the land,...

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8 March 2021

Our alfalfa for the welfare of dairy sheep

In the countryside of Calabria region, Roberto has chosen our dehydrated Alfalfa for the well-being of his dairy sheeps. With his wife Teresa, they produce cheeses and ricotta cheese, enriched by the aroma of Alfalfa! We work alongside authentic people who create unique products of high quality.

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3 March 2021

Giovanna's goats

Sardinia, wonderful and very precious Sardinia. In this video, Giovanna Malica, a new graduate in Agriculture, tells us about the dry rations of their little goats. We grow and raise nutritious food for life with love and passion. And part of our mission is to describe it.

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