5 December 2020

From the Soil – Where Life Begins

World Soil Day (WSD) is observed every year on 5 December in order to draw attention to the importance of healthy soil and to support the sustainable management of its resources. This year’s campaign "Keep Soil Alive, Protect Soil Biodiversity" invites us to focus our attention on the little...

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20 November 2020

Day of Thanks

Today we observe a day of thanks for farmers and the earth. For us it’s also a day to thank our father, Giuseppe Forte, who continues to inspire us from above every day. A cultivated field that I stroll through at my own pace. I wanted to make this video. It was shot just a few months earlier, in...

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18 September 2020

Learning About Alfalfa: Why We Are What We Eat

The key word is synergy. It’s this collaborative, enthusiastic, and social spirit that brought about the “Open Day” event, hosted by Conduzioni Aziende Agricole Forte, in Taglio di Po (RO). The “Open Day” initiative created by Caseifici Agricoli is now in its third year, and the team of Conduzioni...

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12 September 2020

Caseifici agricoli openday

The long awaited Caseifici Agricoli OpenDay is finally here!

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2 September 2020

Save the date!

It’s our pleasure to invite you to our farm on 12 September, from 3:30pm to 8pm, for our OPEN DAY, on occasion of the Caseifici Agricoli festival. A free cultural event, set in the midst of our fields of High-Grade alfalfa. An event dedicated to the awareness of what we are because WE ARE WHAT WE...

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12 June 2020

Meeting With Plantamura Carlo – Livestock Feed

Long fibre and Mangia Sano feed are enriched with High-Grade dehydrated alfalfa pellets. 

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14 May 2020

They’re talking about us in the livestock farming industry!

DOC High-Grade alfalfa forage and feed: a nutritious and sustainable food. We’re farmers and innovators with the Open Farm Srl project. We communicate from the field to the consumer together with farmers, feed manufactures, companies, professionals, and nutritionists Thank you to:

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7 May 2020

Outstanding Meetings

Santa Rita Bio Caseificio Sociale 1964 & Conduzioni Aziende Agricole Forte From forage to cheese, precious ingredients to feed animals and produce an outstanding Italian product: Reggiano Parmesan cheese. Animals eat stable pastures, alfalfa, and feed. The art of the cheesemaker together with...

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30 April 2020

Animal Well-Being Starting With What Animals Eat

Daniele, a veterinarian to his animals, makes a clear choice. In addition to silage corn, he also gives his cows high-grade dehydrated alfalfa and alfalfa fibre to improve the functioning of their rumen. The nutrients, beta-carotene, and vitamin A naturally improve fertility. The other vitamins,...

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23 April 2020

Italian DOP Buffalo Mozzarella

Farmers and breeders choosing to work together with the same love and passion. Farming and breeding to produce nutritious food, from the field to our plates and our animal’s troughs. Add alfalfa to your company’s raw materials to improve performance, reduce costs, and improve animal well-being,...

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